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Freeze Thaw Cycles started out with exclusively recycled bikes. We’d upcycle each find and send it back out into the world to be enjoyed once again. As the needs of our customers has evolved, so has the inventory of the shoppe.

Bikes We Sell

Today, the shoppe’s primary inventory is a large selection of new bikes  from several hand-picked manufacturers based on a strict criteria – we will only sell bikes that we would put our friends and family on.  We now meet the needs of nearly any cyclist – everyone from a year-round commuter to an endurance mountain or Gravel rider will find many excellent options. 

We ride and sell bikes with anything from one to thirty three speeds. While traditional external gears are quite popular, some of our favorite bikes sport internally geared hubs. We are not afraid to embrace old and new technologies. Every rider has different needs and we aim to please anyone who seeks our advice.

Our High Quality Standards

You won’t find any mountain bikes or hybrids with non-servicable suspension forks, multiple speed freewheel rear wheels with weak axles, unreliable shifting systems, or sketchy adjustable stems & suspension seatposts.  Problems with these items are far too common on service bikes we see throughout the year and are not something we feel comfortable passing on to our customers.

Rest assured that any new bike model you see in our shop represents the best value, quality and features that we could find in that category. Having access to a number of bike manufacturers helps us keep a well-rounded inventory for any style of bike.

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All terrain, mountain ready hardtail, full suspension and fat tyre bikes.

Mixed Surface


Gravel, road, touring, cyclocross, urban, hybrid, commuter bikes.



Balance and pedal bikes for toddlers to teens, and kid carriers.

Why Buy From Us

At Freeze Thaw, getting you on a properly fitting bike that fits your riding interests is our main goal. We stock a variety of bikes to meet any use or budget and have the experience to help in picking out the perfect ride.

Once a bike is purchased, we offer a few things to sweeten the deal…

1 – A free initial riding period tune-up is included with every bike. Even a thoroughly built bike needs to be checked out after it has been ridden, and we offer this service at no charge. We recommend coming in for this after the first dozen rides, but we’d like to see you sooner than later even if everything seems perfect.

2 – We are also here to help ensure proper fit on the bike. All test rides receive a floor sizing to determine frame size, saddle position and bar height. Further fit work is included to make more advanced adjustments and swap fit-related components like stems, handlebars and saddles. See Justin for more details – appointments are usually needed for more in-depth fit work.

3 – Any bike purchase gets you in our system for a series of lifetime discounts on bicycle accessories – these do not expire and help out with some common items you may want to improve your cycling experience. The discounts are below. They are subject to change, but will not disappear. We have customers that have been benefitting from our discount program for over a decade!

Ye Olde FTC discounts:

10% off

Clothing + Shoes + Helmets + Lights + Locks + Tools + Nutrition

Free Installation

Cargo Racks + Bags,

Fenders (on bikes with appropriate braze-ons, ask for details)

Computers, Saris Trunk Racks

Fit & Assembly

We take pride in fitting people to their bikes and will work to make your new bike comfortable and efficient.

We are here to help ensure proper fit on the bike. All test rides receive a floor sizing to determine frame size, saddle position and bar height. Further fit work is included to make more advanced adjustments and swap fit-related components like stems, handlebars and saddles. 

Every new bike assembled at Freeze Thaw Cycles is built to the highest standard with expert care. Bikes arrive to us mostly assembled, but we do not simply finish the job and send it out the door. Instead, new bikes from boxes are stripped down to the bare frame and treated with our extensive collection of frame-preparation tools.

During Chase
After Chase

Facing of the headtube, crown race and BB shell as well as BB shell thread chasing are performed on all bikes to ensure maximum performance. Even our children’s bikes get this treatment which serves as in-house quality control and helps avoid future issues.This preparation is a costly and labor-intensive process that we feel every frame and fork deserves. This is included with every bike, no extra charge. We are one of few remaining shops in the country putting this effort into our assembly and we are proud of it.

The benefits of this prep work are less future creaks and things coming loose or getting stuck, as well as longer bearing life in the headset and bottom bracket. 


Because we take everything completely apart for every build, customization is easy! Our customers get the bike they want through a process that is enjoyable and caters to their specific needs. We rest easy knowing the bike is double checked and tested. With our area’s wet weather, it is nice to know all surfaces are prepped and greased properly.

We treat each new bike as if it were a custom build and can modify them to your specifications. It is rare that a new bike leaves our shop stock, with modifications ranging from custom fitting to component swaps and handbuilt wheels. If there is something on your mind, let us know and we can try to figure things out. Saddles, tyres, grips and handlebars are just a few items that can be swapped out easily. Our approach takes a little longer, but you end up with a well thought out bike that will suit your needs and make you want to keep riding.

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