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Freeze Thaw Cycles is a rider owned and operated sales & service shoppe.
We stock a hand-picked selection of new bicycles, gear, clothing & accessories for enjoying the trails & roads of cenna. penna. and beyond…


Located in the centre of downtown State College, PA, we are proud to serve a variety of cyclists including Families, Beginners, Commuters, Racers, Cross-Country Journeyers, Gravel Enthusiasts, Epic Mountain Trail Seekers and any future category of bicycle riding that is yet to be discovered and embraced by us. Our crew specializes in finding you the perfect bicycle and outfitting you with the right gear for any adventure you have in mind.

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We have a mighty fine collection of mechanics and offer service big & small.  Repairing damage from your last gnarly mountain ride or year-round commuting? Schedule time for a FREE Service Estimate Appointment!

bike fittings

Don’t settle! Custom fit your bike to your body and riding style. We work by time-tested methods to ensure comfort & efficiency.


Enhance your bicycle with  'J.Wag-Approved' custom handbuilt wheels that will stand for years to come.

Bike Demos

Learn about our Demo Program, although it is currently unavailable due to Global Supply Chain Turmoil.


Let us know your questions about Sales by submitting this form. You can also email us at

Sales Floor is OPEN + well-stocked!

Service Appointments Preferred - Please use our online inquiry form!

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