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At Freeze + Thaw Cycles, we don’t just sell you a bike. Sure, you can buy a bike off our floor, but we’ll go the extra mile to make sure it fits you, your style, and where you’re going. We can customize every aspect so that you LOVE the bike you’ve invested in.


Located in the center of downtown State College, Pennsylvania on Allen Street, Ye Olde Freeze + Thaw Cycle Shoppe is proud to serve everyone from college students to families, racers to enthusiasts, cross-country journeymen to gravel grinders, and road warriors to epic mountain trail seekers.

Basically, if you own a bike or want a bike, we’re excited to welcome you to our shop. Our crew specializes in finding you the perfect bike and fit, repairs, upcycling gems we find, and fitting you with the right gear.

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We have a mighty fine collection of mechanics that do everything from fixing flats to tune-ups, wheel-builds, and repairing damage from your last gnarly mountain ride. Schedule time for a free estimate.

bike fittings

Don't settle! Custom fit your bike to your body and riding style. We'll help you with seat, pedal and handlebar adjustments, safety gear, accessories, and more.

Wheel sets

Enhance your bicycle with a 'J.Wag-Approved' custom hand-built wheel set. We'll build you a strong wheel that will stand for years to come.

Bike Demos

Try before you buy. We want you to be confident in your bicycle investment. So take one of ours for a spin and know what sizing and customizations you want upfront.


Email us with your questions about bikes and services by submitting this form. You can also email us at

During COVID-19, please contact us to schedule an appointment to visit the store. Interested in shopping? We have staggered sales appoints available Tuesday - Saturday between 10a-4p. Drop-offs/Pick-ups can be scheduled between normal business hours.

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