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Our past

Founded in 2005 through the grassroots efforts of a group of college friends, Freeze Thaw Cycles has evolved through a series of dining rooms and basements to become one of the premier shops in the United States.

Early Days

Originally specializing in one and three speed recycled bikes, Freeze Thaw opened their first retail location on May 20, 2005 in a South Fraser Street basement. This 500 square foot location allowed for Freeze Thaw to begin selling these recycled bikes to the cyclists of the Centre Region and establish itself as a trustworthy repair shop.

Calder Way Shop

Freeze Thaw Sign installation Calder Way
As the business grew, a second location was opened in Calder Way in 2006. This time the steps went the other direction as the new shop was on the second floor. This expansion of the Freeze Thaw store also led to new bike brands appearing on the sales floor as well as a full stock of helmets and accessories that just would not fit into the Fraser Street space. The Calder Way shop brought along the addition of softgoods, custom merchandise and a stellar race team. These additions helped Freeze Thaw continue to grow and soon the Calder Way location, which had once seemed cavernous, became a little cramped. The hunt was on for Freeze Thaw Cycles’ permanent home.

Allen Street Shop

When the current space at 109 South Allen Street became available in 2009, Freeze Thaw found just that. With three levels of retail, service, and fit studio space, Freeze Thaw found the space to grow. Having a really great landlord like Lou is a major bonus. Now carrying select premium new bike brands and a full selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories- Freeze Thaw truly has all the things you need to enjoy life on two wheels.

May 2022 marked our 17th year in downtown State College and we look forward to many more as the towns’ only Independently-owned brick & mortar Shoppe!

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Freeze Thaw Keystone Row