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We choose our brands & stocking models quite carefully, with special consideration to parts spec, fit options and price points. 

Bikes We Sell

Today, the Shoppe’s primary inventory is a selection of new bikes from several hand-picked brands based on a strict criteria – we will only sell bikes that we would put our friends and family on.  We now meet the needs of nearly any cyclist – everyone from a year-round Commuter to an Endurance Mountain, Road or Gravel rider will find many excellent options. 

We ride, stock & sell bicycles of many varieties. We are huge fans of 1x drivetrainds on all types of bicycles. We are not afraid to embrace olde & new technologies. Every rider has different needs and we aim to please anyone who seeks our advice.

Our High Quality Standards

You won’t find any mountain bikes or hybrids with non-servicable suspension forks, multiple speed freewheel rear wheels with weak axles, unreliable shifting systems, or sketchy adjustable stems & suspension seatposts.  Problems with these items are far too common on service bikes we see throughout the year and are not something we feel comfortable passing on to our customers.

Rest assured that any new bike model you see in our shop represents the best value, quality and features that we could find in that category. Having access to a number of bike manufacturers helps us keep a well-rounded inventory for any style of bike.


 All bicycles shown below are professionally assembled and on our sales floor. email to schedule a test ride.

THE BICYCLE SHORTAGE IS REAL! Rest assured we are working diligently to maintain stock in all categories. Patience and planning is key!

Bicycle Sales are In-Shoppe pickup only so we can satisfy local demand and properly fit each rider.

Please note that we do not offer shipping and certainly appreciate our long-distance visitors!



Cenna. Penna. Trail-worthy Hardtail, Full Suspension & FAT-Tyre Bicycles

Mixed Surface


Gravel, Road, Touring, Bikepacking, Urban/Hybrid/Commuter Bicycles



Balance & Pedal Bicycles for Toddlers to Teens & Kid Carriers too.

Mountain Bikes

Mixed Surface Bikes


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