Hand-Picked for Quality

All-City Bicycles Logo

All City does a good job of combining time-tested ideas with modern materials + fit theory. We sell their framesets, complete bikes, + accessories on a special order basis and are currently big fans of the Cosmic Stallion &  Zig Zag.

Brompton Bikes Logo
Brompton makes exceptionally high quality folding bikes that fold to 2/3 the size of the nearest competitor. This allows you to take your Brompton absolutely everywhere including your travels. Just toss it in the overhead bin and always have a bike at your destination.
Cleary Bikes Logo

Super high quality Kid’s bikes available with 12, 16, 20 + 24″ wheels in a variety of colors. One major differnce we enjoy on these is that they use hand brake front and rear with a Singlespeed freewheel system (no coaster brakes).

Colnago Bicycles Logo
We are proud to present this iconic Italian brand to the roads of Central PA. We are huge fans of their timeless lugged steel ‘Master’ and stock two framesets in 30th Anniversary paint schemes (54 red & 59 black).
Jones Bicycles Logo
Jeff Jones has a different idea of mountain bike geometry and the results speak for themselves. Jones has a variety of Long Wheel Base and Short Wheel Base options in both Titanium and Steel.
Linus Bicycles Logo

Since 1988 Kona has been all about having fun on bikes. In a short time they have become a very dominant brand in our shoppe and the local area. We stock their bikes in most categories including Electric-Assit, Mountain, Gravel, Commuter and Kid’s.  Kona bikes feature a lifetime warranty and are truly designed and supported by passionate riders.

Linus Bicycles Logo

These bikes remind us an awful lot of the original commuters we built in the early days. Linus uses simple and classic designs combined with modern materials for practicality and function. Steel frames available in several sizes, styles, colors and gearing options.  Great town & campus bikes that will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Moots Bicycles Logo
We are Central PA’s stocking dealer of fine handcrafted Titanium bicycles from Moots. They offer road, gravel, mountain and FAT frames that can be built any way you like.
Norco Bicycles Logo

Freeze Thaw stocks several Urban Hybrid (Indie series), Kid’s, Gravel, Full Suspension MTB models from this Canadian brand. A Lifetime frame warrnanty and great overall support continues to please us.

Pivot cycles Logo

We are Central PA’s Pivot dealer and are particularly impressed with their attention to detail, superb ride quality and outstanding customer support. Our stock typically consists of the Mach 429 Trail and Switchblade, two favorites for our rugged Cenna. Penna. terrain.

Salsa bicycles logo

We have a long and happy history with the Salsa brand. Top notch design and customer service are just some of the reasons that Salsa has a healthy presence in our shop. We sell their framesets, complete bikes and plenty of components. Let us know what adventure you’re after and we’re happy to recommend the Salsa for you.

Seven Cycles Logo

Seven Cycles designs each and every bike, one-at-a-time, for the person who will ride it. For that reason, each model is really a stepping off point for the rider’s ideas. We’d be happy to talk to you about your needs and order the right bike for you.

Surly Bicycles logo

Steel is real. Surly embraces this mantra to the fullest, making solid super-versatile bikes made to be ridden for a long time. Based out of Bloomington, MN, Surly has a full line of rugged rides made for whatever adventures you can throw at them. Whether you’re touring, mountain biking, or ripping through down town, Surly has got you covered. Framesets can be purchased separately and custom built, but Surly also offers many excellent complete bikes. 

We Are One Composites Logo

Here at We Are One Composites, we take great pride in the craftsmanship that goes into all of our products. Our mission is to connect our customers to where their products come from and how they are made. All of the laminate staff put their names on each product to show that they are pouring their passion into the product you receive. It is a sign of pride that we demand quality before quantity.