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We ride, build, sell, and repair bicycles of all kinds.
We stock a hand-picked selection of NEW bicycles and gear to enjoy the roads and trails of the Centre Region and beyond.
Our full service workshop offers Free Estimates and works on bikes Olde & New.

Who We Are

Freeze Thaw Cycles is living responsibly in the world through a commitment to:

Honesty & core values: no pushy salespeople here. Our staff will guide you to practical products, not a closeout deal that doesnʼt fit your needs.

Advocacy & community involvement: we work hard to expand safe bike routes & to maintain the best trail network around.

Select products: ones we believe in from companies that offer the same friendly support & perfectionist service that we extend to our customers.

Wrenching with pride & skill: and a mighty fine selection of tools for the job.

Recycling | Riding | Commuting | Racing | Geeking

Our Philosophy

Our shop’s roots are found in the world of re-use, and these ideals continue as our shop evolves. We still continue to find new homes for used bicycles and parts.  With this comes the responsibility to sort and recycle a wide variety of cycle-waste. Selling new bicycles has provided us with a whole new set of challenges. We like to think that being a bike shop is ‘green’, but we try to take it one step further.

The nature of dealing with bicycles in a service setting yields more waste than you can imagine. The common “disposables” such as tyres, tubes and various metals pile up fast as bikes go in and out of our workstands. New bicycles shipped to us also require a large amount of packaging. We are constantly coming up with new ways to deal with these materials.

Here are some things that happen behind the scenes of Freeze Thaw when it comes to cycle-waste:

– All Steel & Aluminium recycled by Al the Scrap Man
– Worn tyres recycled at our cost via Transfer Station
– Select worn tubes recycled by Tubular Gear

– Many Shoppe fixtures made from recycled materials
– Cardboard boxes and packaging re-used or recycled
– Shock & Brake oil recycled

Donations of non-working bikes are accepted for scrap any time – Don’t throw it in the trash!

Trade-ins and Donations:

We are still on the hunt for good quality used bicycles and components. Over the years it seems that the local demand for these items has exceeded our supply, so we need your help. Take a look around the old garage, basement, or barn and bring us what you don’t want.

We accept trade-ins for cash, store merchandise, service, or gift certificates. Some people also choose to donate unwanted bikes or parts to us for a last chance at salvaging them before they end up in the trash. Any unusable items are recycled accordingly.

If you have a bike or bike parts that you want to get rid of, stop by our Allen Street shop for a free estimate. We usually only accept bikes that came from a real bike shop (no department store bikes).

There are always certain items that we are in dire need of, and some that we have in abundance. It’s always worth stopping over for an estimate, the worst we will tell you is ‘no’. Certain busier times of the year allow us more freedom to purchase bikes, while trading for parts, service, or store credit is usually a better deal for both parties.

Items We are Always in Search Of:

Shop buyouts – partial or complete – mostly for vintage tools, parts + fixtures

DIRT RAG ephemora of any type

Grove Innovations bikes, parts, and memorabilia

Vintage road, mountain and BMX bikes, parts + accessories

Any cycling-related media: posters, books, catalogs, magazines, VHS or Laserdisc…also a Laserdisc player.

Formula One BMX bikes from Hutch, Schwinn, Randor, General, Diamondback


Anything Schwinn-Approved (pre-2000)…Stingrays to Homegrowns…

Vintage bicycle Tools: VAR, Eldi, Hozan, Bicycle Research, JA Stein, Morningstar, etc. 

Metal toolboxes and drawers – Kennedy, Snap-On, Lista, Craftsman, and others of good quality

Anything Strange & Olde…

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