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Free estimates for jobs big & small: Appointments scheduled via email or in person.
$120 per hour (parts extra) 
We stand behind and guarantee our expert service 100% and strive to do the most thorough job possible.

our specialties include:

Alternative handlebar conversions (Try a Jones H-Bar!)

Custom bicycle assembly & Wheelbuilding

Suspension & Disc Brake service

Chris King hub, Headset & Bottom Bracket service

Cartridge bearing service/replacement

Internally geared & coaster brake hub service

1x Drivetrain conversions

Singlespeed/Fixed Gear conversions

Rack, fender and lighting installation, etc.


While we don’t sell exact “Tune-up” packages, we work within average service ranges depending on the condition of the bicycle.

Pricing is for labor only at $120/hour. Minimum labor charge is $20.

All parts quoted as extra during your estimate.


< 1 hr.
($20 – 120)


1 – 2 hrs.
($120 – 240)


3 – 4+ hrs.
($360 – 480+)

These services commonly include:

-Wheel truing, tensioning, and/or spoke replacement

-Adjustment of brakes and shifting systems

-Adjustment & greasing of bearing surfaces

-Lubrication of cables, housing, pivots, and chain

-Replacement of worn / damaged parts (extra)

Electric Pedal-Assist bicycle policy

Our policy is to only service Class 1 & 2 Electric Pedal-Assist bicycles that have been sold through our Shoppe or that we have a current account with – these are bikes equipped with Bosch, Shimano STEPS or Fazua systems.

No throttle-equipped crafts, conversions or internal combustion engines will be considered.

Please not that we DO NOT service: Aventon, RAD Power Bikes, QuietKat and similar brands/models of e-bikes.

We DO NOT service Electric scooters of any variety.

Thanks for your understanding!

Parts Inventory

Modern upgrades including Pedals, Handlebars, Saddles, Wheelsets, Dropper Posts, Suspension forks and other misc. replacement components are in stock to the best of our ability. If not, just ask and we will try to make it happen for you.

Our Vintage Small Parts inventory is the result of years of salvaging, collecting, and attending shop buyouts – we have many hard to find and unique bits to keep your olde bike rolling.

As our friend Eric once told a customer, “we are fluent in many defunct wheel sizes” and stock hard-to-find tyres for ye olde Schwinn or Raleigh.

In addtion, many modern (tubeless-ready) Mountain, Gravel & Road tyres are stocked based on their performance amongst our local terrain.

We stock & sell what we ride and are most passionate about; a rare thing in today’s world of bike shop autonomy…



Your bike must be present in our Shoppe to provide a proper estimate. A FREE, in-the-stand Service Estimate Appointment can be scheduled through email, inquiry form or in person.

A basic safety inspection will be performed before any service begins. We reserve the right to refuse service on any bike with unresolved safety issues such as: non-functioning brakes, cracked tyres, super-loose bearing surfaces, cracked/bent frames & forks and the ever-popular bent freewheel axle.

After an extensive check-over and conversation we will talk you through the work that is needed, how long it will take, and what the cost will be. Planning ahead, we try to quote high and deliver low. We never exceed estimates without permission and the ceiling end of our range allows for a complete job.

We very much appreciate your patience during these strange & challenging times!

-Justin, Chris, Paul + Shaun



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