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For far too many years in local bicycle shops, fitting has been viewed as a service that is only available and applicable to elite cyclists. We have set new standards and are eager to fit riders of all varieties & interests.

 fit items are key

We take pride in keeping a wide selection of fit-related components in stock at all times. Saddles, grips & shoes are the interface of your contact points on the bike. Stems, handlebars, and seatposts help to achieve your overall position. Crank and pedal choices abound to round out your pedaling position. Even gearing, braking and tire choice can complement our fit efforts. Fit is a primary factor in our product mix and bicycle selection.

Fitting Included with every bike purchase:

Our staff offers on-floor bike sizing BEFORE test rides. It is very easy to pass by your perfect bike because of a rushed or non-existant test-ride setup. Proper saddle height, fore-aft and bar height/reach will be figured out pre-ride so you can truly tell what the bike should feel like. Even something as simple as a tire pressure check can completely change your experience. Basic suspension tuning on mountain bikes is also a key adjustment. Come ready for a Freeze Thaw sizing and test ride setup that takes roughly 15 minutes per model. Allow enough time for this plus your desired test ride length. Note that we strongly encourage you to test ride multiple models back to back to allow for better comparison. Ride in town, on campus, in the neighborhoods or out on the bike paths – we will try to accommodate your comfort needs. 

Realize that our process takes time. We will never be the store that suits a family of four looking to come in and purchase bikes for everyone and be out the door in 15 minutes – and frankly, we don’t want to be.
Cyclists deserve better. We structure our inventory in a way that addresses this. We try to keep size runs of many popular models, but some of our sales occur on a per order basis. Do not expect to find us pushing tempting closeout deals that do not fit your body or style. We’ve had to remedy this situation for countless victims of this scenario at other seemingly reputable shops and it is rarely a pleasant experience.

Professional fit services:

Professional Fit Services are available for those looking to dial in their fit at the next level. Paul & Justin are both experts on making folks comfortable & efficient on their bicycles. They can provide a free estimate any time if you stop in with your bike or send an email with your concerns. The Professional Fit process requires an initial session of 1 – 2 hours on average at the Shoppe’s hourly rate of $120 (+ any parts needed). Expect at least one follow-up session, and more as needed, at no additional charge. This also includes storage of all fit data for later use.

We know that no bike fit can be completed in the studio – the culmination only truly occurs after a full season of riding and further communication with the fitter. Furthermore, we’ve been known to do no charge adjustments after a long winter with decreased fitness and flexibility or even in response to injury.

Fit work on a bike purchased at Freeze Thaw is done complimentary whether you ride our most basic hybrid or fanciest road bike; we want everyone to be comfortable and have fun!

Mountain Bike fit:

Mountain bike fit has traditionally been under-served or dismissed as less important by both fitters and riders alike. We spend a lot of time on the trail and understand the bike setup needs and preferences typically associated with the highly technical terrain of Central Pennsylvania and beyond. We also desire to have a conversation with you that addresses this and combines it with a healthy dose of basic ergonomics and fit principles that can improve your experience in the saddle on a switchback climb, out of it in a rock garden, and even behind it on a steep and loose descent. Dropper post length and Suspension pressure setup & adjustments are also a specialty and can drastically improve your experience.

Mountain Biker Hop
Pedal Fitting

Additional fit services:

Basic cleat fittings are included with any shoe and pedal purchase. More advanced cleat fits are part of our professional package. Tandems welcome! Pricing is proportionate. Special needs? Just ask. We know our limits and do no harm! As such, we offer referrals to and consult with several local Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine Physicians. We would also be happy to work with your Chiropractor or Yoga teacher to design the most well-rounded solution to your bicycle fit needs.

About the process:

Bike Fit at Freeze Thaw is heavier on discussion and lighter on numbers than most offerings currently available. Sure, there is a healthy dose of rulers, tapes, plumb bobs, levels and more to get the truly important numerical data; but there is typically a lengthy introduction talk before you are even asked to mount your bicycle and then much more throughout the session. The talks that we have after you actually hit the road or trail are some of the most important. Our approach also has a strong leaning towards comfort and the increases in performance that comes with it. Look around and you’ll see more of this movement away from aero-at-any-cost fit techniques of the past in all the right places. We are not here to lecture you on perfect riding posture and training regimes – we have the experience to have that conversation if you desire, but it will only come up if it directly applies to YOUR fit solution – we’re not all racing!

About our fit studio:

Located in our upstairs loft, we offer a space separate from the main sales floor where we have an opportunity to connect with a client – and to connect their bicycle to their body. We want this area to be as relaxing and interruption-free as possible.

Two large mirrors provide an opportunity for the cyclist to see what the fitter sees and to better visualize our conversation and any changes we may choose to make. An array of trainers, rollers, riser blocks and leveling devices are used to set up any bike at level – including a 29″ full suspension MTB or even a tandem. Specialty fit tools from a variety of manufacturers are on hand and we are working towards the production of others that are currently unavailable.

We do not use a single complete fit kit or system. While such products can be effective and have become the standard for most retailers, they often times serve double duty as sales tools – not pure fit tools. Our attention, service, and results are our best sales tools and we display them prominently. 

Fit Studio
We guarantee the fit of any bicycle purchased at Freeze Thaw and encourage you to expect the utmost comfort while riding.


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