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Try before you buy program


Due to ongoing supply issues, most major manufacturers are not offering demo bikes to their dealers. As a result, we do not currently have any demo bikes in stock.

Decisions, decisions… It can be really tricky to pick out the perfect new bike. Reviews can be misleading. form your own opinion by testing on familiar terrain.

Demo Program

The Freeze Thaw Demo Program is designed to help you choose the perfect bike for you and your riding style. It’s also designed to give our staff the chance to actually become familiar with what we are selling – so that we can have a real conversation with you about the product.


wheel size – travel amount – frame material

Trail-test as many options as we have in your size before purchase!

How the Demo Program Works

Aluminum + Steel Demo bikes are $75/day

Carbon + Titanium Demo bikes are $150/day

ALL Demo fees are applied towards your future same-category bike purchase.

This allows you to try multiple bike setups if needed and make comparisons before you decide on your new ride. 

Sorry, but our Demo bikes are not available as traditional rentals.

On a rotating basis we offer Demo bikes for sale at Closeout prices. These bikes are covered by a full warranty as you will be the original owner. All Demo bikes have a service record in our system to keep track of their use and service history and are fully tuned prior to sale. The chart below also shows which bikes are on sale at any given time and if they are available to demo. Please call 814-272-0178 or email with any questions about any of the bikes listed.

Current Bikes AvailABLE to Demo

Sorry – Right now we don’t have any bikes to demo. Keep checking back or give us a call so we know what you’re looking for.


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